We supply and fit 4mm mirror and 6mm mirror these come also in a range of colours such as Silvered/bronze /peach /blue/grey it also goes beyond that as to add to our bespoke range

Antique mirrors are in stock to transform a room a bar a restaurant / hotel.
These mirrors can be cut to size shape for bespoke alcoves and splashbacks.
Typically 6mm mirror is used in Bathrooms Gyms /(home gyms) Boxing Clubs
Shopping centres/ Nite clubs/Bars/ restaurants survey required before fitting as standard.


Other processed orders include

For The Home – table tops and shelves – shower doors – splash backs – etc.
For Commercial Premises – counter tops – display cabinets – frameless glass doors – etc.
These orders are mainly toughened glass (float glass which is cut to size and put though a kiln to temper it. Once it has been through this process it is unable to be cut as it becomes volatile and would break violently) ranging from 6mm up 19mm and beyond, with polished edges for a smooth professional finish and sometimes cuts outs are needed, for instance a splash-back in a kitchen quite often has a cut out for a plug socket as a simple example.
Table tops and shelves can be ordered over the phone as long as the sizes are confirmed in writing by e-mail info@crystalglazing.ie. If the customer is not sure of the sizes or the table top/countertop is shaped or has any cut outs, a glazier will come to the site and take a template. Once this has occurred, the glazier will then deliver the glass to the site and fit if as required.

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