Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass or Etched glass is one of the oldest forms of decorative glass on the market but it can also be used to create modern and contemporary glass panels.

The Crystal Glazing over many years has created thousands of decorative glass panels using the Sandblasted Glass technique for homes all over the country. This section of the website explains in detail how etched glass is made.

One of the best things about Sandblasted Glass is the amount of visible light the glass still allows to enter the glass. Other forms of decorative glass have coloured glass sections or lead strip as the make up of the design and these products may possible tone down some of the natural light. Sandblasted glass is pure glass without any of these extra materials so the light coming through the glass is hardly obstructed.

One of the more popular requests we receive is for sandblasted glass bathroom door panels but one of the main requirements for bathroom glass is the need for no clear sections in the design.

As explained above, under normal practice sandblasted glass is created by leaving some of the design sections clear with the background of the design being sandblasted. As you can appreciate this form of glass isn’t perfect for bathrooms and toilets so we can use satin glass for its excellent privacy qualities. The Satin glass is made with a fully ‘sandblasted appearance’ and once the chosen design is sandblasted onto the back of the Satin glass, the design can still be clearly viewed but there are no clear areas visible in the sandblasted glass panel.

We can supply these type of sandblasted glass panels for bathrooms in 4mm or 6mm toughened glass. As this type of order is almost always a single glazed piece of glass, we would protect the etched areas of the design with our sandblast protection product which stops greasy marks staining the sandblasted areas.

Ideal For Names and numbers

Sandblasted glass is an ideal form of decorative glass for house names and numbers on door glass and in the panels above the doors. One of the more common requests that we receives is for sandblasted numbers on or above front doors. If your home has a fanlight above the door, we can create a panel with your house number or name in sandblasted glass.So what ever the project let your design ideas run wild .

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